ATP Test Swab

Kedun ATP test swab is designed to take single-use test for collecting samples from water and environment surface. It consists of a swab and a container with ATP test regent. The swab is soaked in liquid to preparing for sample collection.

Light is conducted by chemical reaction between ATP test reagent and collected sample on the swab. The total amount of light directly reflects contamination level of sample, more light number means higher contamination level. It displays in Relative Light Units (RLU) on Kedun ATP Luminometer. Cleaning effectiveness is monitored to reduce risk of contamination of sample.

Meanwhile, real time result displayed on ATP Luminometer make necessary corrective action feasible. With the feature of instant detection, ATP test swab provides high effective and reliable results. In addition, it’s available to be incorporated in company HACCP programs to monitor the effectiveness of cleaning.

FILTRA-BAG picture


USP Plastic Class VI Polypropylene                       

Wet swab preparing for sample collection

Easy to use in short time                      

Instant, reliable result  

Monitoring the effectiveness of cleani



Cat. No. KATS2301 KATS2302
Test type surface water
Storage temperature 2- 8°C 2- 8°C
Result in 15 seconds in 15 seconds
Packing 10 pcs/pack, 100pcs/ctn 10 pcs/pack, 100 pcs/ctn
Warranty 12 months 12 months
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