• Everything You Wanted To Know About Pipette Tips And More

    It is hard to believe that simple, plastic molded disposable tips are the bread and butter of molecular biology, chemistry and the world of medicine.

  • What is a 2D barcode?

    A 2D barcode is a set of small geometric shapes organized within a square or rectangle to store information. Tey provide hundreds of times the amount of data than a 1D barcode can store.

  • SBS format rack: The Origin Of Microplate Standards.

    The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Society of Biomolecular Screening (SBS) now named the Society For Laboratory Automation And Screening (SLAS) approved a standard for microplates in 2004.

  • Characteristics and solutions of liquid stand-up pouches

    Due to the special properties and rich variety of liquid products, the technical requirements for packaging are also higher. This article has compiled four basic technical requirements applicable to m

  • Microbiological sterile homogeneous bag

    Microbiological sterile homogeneous bags are mainly used for the safe and efficient preparation of food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and environmental samples.The use of filter bags during the homoge

  • Master of Bacteria Prevention - Sterile Bag

    Why is maintaining a sterile environment so important?Because hospitals, clinics, dental offices, nursing homes and other places where patients receive any type of treatment are breeding grounds for d

  • A good helper for laboratory liquid transfer | Serological pipette

    The most common pipetting operation in biological and chemical experiments is the pipetting operation. Various pipetting equipment and supporting consumables are used in conjunction with each other to meet our different experimental needs. The consumable material used for micro-volume pipetting is a pipette tip, and a pipette is required for large-volume pipetting.

  • How to choose a gas sampling bagļ¼Ÿ

    The correct selection of gas sampling bags can better measure the actual value of the sample being measured, reduce economic costs, improve efficiency, and reduce errors. Let's take a look at the adva

  • Summary of microbiological testing requirements

    The requirements and steps for microbiological testing are as follows:Aseptic operation requirements:1.You must wear work clothes and a work cap when inoculating bacteria.2. When inoculating food samp

  • Sterile Sampling Bags | Microbial Limit Sampling Consumables

    kedun sterile sampling bags are used in environmental sampling, biomedical and pharmaceutical research, quality testing (QC/QA), food industry applications, as well as clinical medication and animal medicine, etc.

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