Essential Kedun's 18 oz Sterile Sampling Bag with Attached Sponge-Stick

Unlock a new level of sample integrity with Kedun's redesigned 18 oz Sterile Sampling Bag with Sponge-Stick. Integrated with a 10 mL Neutralizing Buffer, our specially designed Sponge-Stick keeps the sample intact by eliminating the need for the user's hands to come into direct contact with the interior of the bag. This unique feature promotes utmost cleanliness and reduces the risk of contamination, thus ensuring the maintained validity and reliability of the sample. Our sterilized 18 oz Sampling Bag is made using top-tier materials to offer maximum strength and durability. It is designed to securely hold a sizable quantity of samples without the risk of leakage or contamination. The attached Sponge-Stick simplifies the process of sample collection, offering an easy and effective way to swab areas and collect samples. The stick is pre-moistened with a 10 mL Neutralizing Buffer that neutralizes the effect of any disinfectant residues that may interfere with the test results, ensuring you get accurate and reliable outcomes every time.

The Kedun Sponge-Stick help the integrity of the sample to be ensured by not touching the inside of the bag with the user's hands.  The pre-moistened sponge is durable and biocide free and does not affect organism viability .It’s cellulose material is absorbent and will effectively hold and release the sample without excess dripping.

Neutralizing buffer is recommended for surface testing of microorganisms that may be present on dairy and food equipment disinfected with chlorine or quaternary ammonium compounds.Ability to inactivate the bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects of chlorine and quaternary ammonium complexes. Neutralizing these substances chemically is critical to accurately detect the presence of potentially harmful microorganisms. Neutralizing buffer is used in standard methods for surface microbiological examination for testing dairy products and food products, also recommended for the digestion and clean up of mycobacterial specimens.

When reaching into drains, pipes, and around equipment, thumb-stop to help negate contact with the sponge.

Microorganism Type:  Listeria , Monocytogenes, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Listeria, Aerobic, Coliform, Staph Aureus, Yeast& Mold, E.coli. Enterobacteriaceae, Lactic Acid Bacteria


The Kedun 18 oz Sterile Sampling Bag with Sponge-Stick is created with the user's ease and convenience in mind. Tailored to the needs of lab technicians and clinical researchers, the bag offers a simple, clean, and efficient method for sample collection. The Sponge-Stick's design optimizes the sample integrity while adding convenience in the collection process. Invest in Kedun's 18 oz Sterile Sampling Bag with Sponge-Stick and assure uncompromised integrity of your samples. The superior design and exceptional quality of our sterile sampling bag stand as a testimony to Kedun's commitment to providing top-notch laboratory solutions. Explore a new dimension of sample collection with Kedun.
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  • Stick-mounted sponge design help users to handle the sponge indirectly for accessing hard to reach areas
  • Stick-mounted sponge design for the sponge to be broken off from the handle handily after sampling
  • 40 x 80 mm biocide-free sponge does not affect organism viability
  • 229 x 140 mm sample bag with a 24 oz/720 ml capacity included transportation to lab safe and easily
  • Gamma irradiation to maintain aseptic condition



Cat. No.    oz ml mm neutralizing buffer sponge marking wires  
KSSNB10 24 720 229 x 140 10 ml 40x80 Yes round  
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