Gas Sample Collection Bags - Kedun's Innovative Sponge-Stick with 10 mL Neutralizing Buffer

Dive into the efficient world of gas sampling with Kedun's technologically-advanced gas sample collection bags. These are not just your ordinary gas sample collection bags; they come bundled with a unique Sponge-Stick featuring 10 mL of Neutralizing Buffer, designed to enhance the preservation and integrity of your samples. The Kedun Sponge-Stick is a game-changer in maintaining the authenticity of the samples. When using our gas sample collection bags, users need not touch the inside of the bag, ensuring the prevention of any potential contamination. This is a common concern in the world of gas sampling, and Kedun's innovative solution is here to address this with precision. Each Sponge-Stick is meticulously designed to secure the sample, and the 10 mL Neutralizing Buffer adds an extra layer of protection. The buffer ensures that the sample's pH is controlled and stabilized during the transportation and storage phases. Consequently, this reduces the likelihood of any chemical reactions that might jeopardize the integrity of the samples. The gas sample collection bags provided by Kedun bring in an unprecedented level of efficiency and effectiveness to the field of gas sampling. Our product guarantees quality and reliability, making it the preferred choice amidst industry professionals.

The Kedun Sponge-Stick help the integrity of the sample to be ensured by not touching the inside of the bag with the user's hands.  The pre-moistened sponge is durable and biocide free and does not affect organism viability .It’s cellulose material is absorbent and will effectively hold and release the sample without excess dripping.

Neutralizing buffer is recommended for surface testing of microorganisms that may be present on dairy and food equipment disinfected with chlorine or quaternary ammonium compounds.Ability to inactivate the bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects of chlorine and quaternary ammonium complexes. Neutralizing these substances chemically is critical to accurately detect the presence of potentially harmful microorganisms. Neutralizing buffer is used in standard methods for surface microbiological examination for testing dairy products and food products, also recommended for the digestion and clean up of mycobacterial specimens.

When reaching into drains, pipes, and around equipment, thumb-stop to help negate contact with the sponge.

Microorganism Type:  Listeria , Monocytogenes, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Listeria, Aerobic, Coliform, Staph Aureus, Yeast& Mold, E.coli. Enterobacteriaceae, Lactic Acid Bacteria


Gas sampling requires utmost accuracy and precision, and there's no room for errors. This is why Kedun's gas sample collection bags, with the innovative Sponge-Stick and Neutralizing Buffer, are engineered to offer you the utmost reliability and consistency in your gas sampling processes. If you are looking for a dependable, trustworthy, and cutting-edge solution for your gas sampling needs, then Kedun's gas sample collection bags are the perfect option to consider. They provide the assurance of maintaining sample integrity, allowing for accurate analysis and subsequently, accurate results. Hence, you are not just purchasing a gas sample collection bag; you are investing in quality, reliability, and accuracy. Ensure the perfect preservation of your samples with Kedun.
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  • Stick-mounted sponge design help users to handle the sponge indirectly for accessing hard to reach areas
  • Stick-mounted sponge design for the sponge to be broken off from the handle handily after sampling
  • 40 x 80 mm biocide-free sponge does not affect organism viability
  • 229 x 140 mm sample bag with a 24 oz/720 ml capacity included transportation to lab safe and easily
  • Gamma irradiation to maintain aseptic condition



Cat. No.    oz ml mm neutralizing buffer sponge marking wires  
KSSNB10 24 720 229 x 140 10 ml 40x80 Yes round  
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