Lab blender bag

Kedun lab blender bags are used as disposable laboratory consumables in a wide range including microbiological test, food safety and environment. The applications vary from general blending purposes to samples preparation for analysis testing. For instance, it’s available for the dilution of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.

There are three types of lab blender bags: lateral filter bag, full page filter bag and plain bag. Lateral filter bags are welded with a side filter, perfect for the microbiological analyses of fibrous samples like fruits and vegetables. Full filter bag contains a piece of full-page filter which applies to homogenization and filtration of fibrous sample, for instance, meat, fishes and pasty samples.

The material of filter is non-woven membrane with pore size less than 250 um. All Kedun lab blender bags are sterilized and DNase-free, RNase-free, Pyrogen free. 

FILTRA-BAG picture


Various volumes for different testing

Specialized for homogenizing and filtering samples

Pore size of membrane filter is less than 250 um

All bags are Gamma sterile to reach SAL level 10-6

Available in 400 ml and 3500 ml

Easy to prepare samples and pipet liquid samples

Sterile, DNase-free, RNase-free, Pyrogen free

Cat. No. ml mm um marking filter Inner pack Outer ctn
KM300190 400 300 x190 70 No full 50 500
KX3001901 400 300 x190 70 No lateral 50 500
KX3001902 400 300 x190 70 No lateral 25 1500
KT300180 400 300 x180 70 No No 50 500
KT500380 3500 500 x 380 100 No No 25 500
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