Characteristics and solutions of liquid stand-up pouches

2024-01-26 15:15:21

Due to the special properties and rich variety of liquid products, the technical requirements for packaging are also higher. This article has compiled four basic technical requirements applicable to most liquid packaging bags for your reference.

Four major technical requirements

1.High mechanical strength, good heat sealability and firm sealing. Suitable for manual and automatic filling and sealing.
2.It has good barrier properties, moisture-proof, waterproof, air-tightness, fragrance retention, good oxygen barrier and puncture resistance.
3.It is pressure resistant, resistant to drops, not easy to break, and does not leak. It can be used instead of glass bottles to save costs. It is currently an internationally popular form of flexible packaging.
4.It has strong protective properties, making the packaging protected from bacteria, fungi and insects, and is stable in shape at high and low temperatures.


We use:
1. The machine is designed with a high-strength casting material for the hot knife beam to ensure high heat sealing pressure and no deformation;
2. Insulation type heating plate ensures uniform heat sealing temperature and constant temperature at high speed;
3. High pressure resistance spring ensures that the pressure will not fail under alternating stress.

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