Sterile Sampling Bags | Microbial Limit Sampling Consumables

2024-01-24 14:58:34

Different product lines apply sampling in different industries to provide you with customized and professional sampling needs:
kedun sterile sampling bags are used in environmental sampling, biomedical and pharmaceutical research, quality testing (QC/QA), food industry applications, as well as clinical medication and animal medicine, etc.

Kedun Specializing in the production of sterile sampling bags and supporting laboratory transportation and storage products. Sterile sampling bags are used for a variety of safety and composition analysis needs in the food, environmental, veterinary and pharmaceutical industries. At present, it has covered sales channels in more than 50 countries around the world, responding to your needs within 24 hours, providing safer and faster guarantee for your sampling.


•Agricultural products industry and food industry: large farms, cereals, meat packaging and processing, processed food, milk, cheese
•Research centers: university laboratories, private microbiology laboratories, government units
•Pharmaceutical, clinical and medical industries
•Environment-related industries: water quality and soil testing

Reasons to use

More cost effective than plastic or glass containers
No need to keep, clean and store them after use like plastic or glass containers
Use writable strips to easily identify samples
Guaranteed sterility (each box of sampling bags comes with a certificate that can be tracked)
Leak-proof sealing system allows repeated opening and closing
Sampling bags have a five-year sterility guaranteed shelf life
Large quantities in stock, ready to ship upon placing an order
Save costs, time and ensure the accuracy of test results

A sterile sampling bag is a malleable and durable contamination-free container ideal for uniform mixing of your samples. A uniform sample dispensing device ensures that you are extracting a very accurate subset of the original sample. This product has a wide range of applications, from ordinary homogeneous mixing to sample preparation before analysis and detection.

Printed writing area available! Sterile homogeneous bags are printed with a vertical writing area, which allows you to easily mark your samples when storing them and still allow you to see all contents inside the bag.
we export goods to more than 30 countries and areas, Europe, North America, South America, East Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc. Kedun products are all manufactured in Class 100,000 clean room to eliminate all risk of contamination. welcome to order!

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