Revolutionize Liquid Sampling with our Stomacher Mixer Filter Sampling Bag

Introducing our Kedun Stomacher Mixer Filter Sampling Bag, a superior solution for streamlining the liquid sample collection process, destined to revolutionize your operations. This unmatched tool is specially engineered around the keyword ‘stomacher mixer,’ not just simplifying but transforming the entire liquid sampling procedure. Our standout product, the Stomacher Mixer Filter Sampling Bag, is an embodiment of Kedun's relentless commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. We understand the challenges faced by industries that rely on liquid sampling and the need for high accuracy, fast turnaround, and clean, uncomplicated procedures. Our filter sampling bag ensures the simplest, most efficient system for liquid collection. It’s optimally designed for a stomacher mixer, providing seamless and effective integration for liquid sampling, ensuring the highest level of accuracy, and significantly reducing the time and effort involved in the process. At Kedun, we emphasize quality, utility, and customer satisfaction. Our Stomacher Mixer Filter Sampling Bag doesn't just meet these standards; it surpasses them. It reflects a synergy of leading-edge technology and intuitive design, resulting in a product that enhances the efficiency and accuracy of liquid sampling while keeping the process clean and organized. We've crafted our filter sampling bag to serve as an essential tool for industries requiring dependable and efficient liquid sampling. It's not just a product; it's a promise – a promise of increased productivity, greater accuracy, and uncluttered operation. Built around the functionality of a stomacher mixer, it guarantees simplicity and reliability.

The function of Kedun Filter Sampling Bag is to simplify collection of liquid samples. Solid particles are separated from liquid samples by a filter membrane when using a filter sampling bag to clean samples. Free of solid particles eliminates risk of pipette blockage for clean samples and plate distribution.

ade from high quality polyethylene, Kedun filter sampling bags is puncture-proof to preventing sample leakage during homogenization. It provides safe, aseptic and flexible space for sample to ensure no influence on sample analysis. One piece of filter membrane is fixed on two sides and bottom of sampling bag. Pore size of each hole is around 350 microns and quantity of holes is 2,240 per square inch.

It is recommended to fold tapes three times after collecting samples into bags for better sealing. There is a white area printed on bag for users to marking information. White marking area on sterile sampling bag is optional. For holding big amount of samples, flat wire is designed to help stabilizing large capacity bags, for instance 55 oz bags.

All Kedun filter sampling bags are sterilized and DNase-free, RNase-free, Pyrogen free.

Each Stomacher Mixer Filter Sampling Bag from Kedun carries the hallmark of our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. When you choose our product, you're opting for a streamlined process, improved accuracy, and the confidence that comes from knowing you have the best in the industry. We invite you to experience the transformative potential of Kedun's Stomacher Mixer Filter Sampling Bag - redefine the way you collect liquid samples, maximizing the potential of your stomacher mixer. With Kedun, welcome a seamless, productive, and efficient future.
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Made from high quality polyethylene preventing sample leakage during homogenization

Pore size of each hole is around 350 microns.

Quantity of holes is 2,240 per square inch

One perforated line is designed at the top of bag to tear off bag easily

Using temperature range is from - 210°C to 82 °C

White marking area and flat wire types are optional

Sterile, DNase-free, RNase-free, Pyrogen free

Cat. No.    oz ml mm um marking wires /box Outer ctn
KM18095AA80X 7 210 180 x 95 80 No round 500 1000
KM230150AA100X 24 720 230 x 150 100 No round 500 1000
KM230150AA100Y 24 720 230 x 150 100 Yes round 500 1000
KM300190AA100X 55 1650 300 x 190 100 No round 250 1000
KM300190AA100Y 55 1650 300 x 190 100 Yes round 250 1000
KM300190NN100X 55 1650 300 x 190 100 No No 250 1000
KM380190AB100X 69 2070 300 x 190 100 No round+flat 250 1000
KM380190AB100X 69 2070 300 x 190 100 Yes round+flat 250 1000
KM380254AB100X 92 2760 300 x 190 100 No round+flat 100 400
KM380380AB100X 138 4140 380 x 380 100 No round+flat 100 400
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